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Lisa's story

In January 2005 I sneezed and I remember a shooting pain run down my shoulder and arm. A few months later I was aware that I had a bad back and what I thought was a crick in the neck plus numbness along my arm and fingers. At that time I was exercising at the gym regularly and thought that perhaps the exercise was making me ache or perhaps the bed wasn't good. I also felt totally exhausted all the time and wasn't sleeping well as my arm felt like it had surges of energy through it.

I was bringing up my three young children. After a year of physiotherapy and diagnosis of carpel tunnel syndrome I eventually had an MRI and in February 2006 was told I had an intramedullary tumour T2 to T5. I was also told that because my deficits were minor and that surgery would almost certainly create more damage, possibly even quadriplegia, that it was safer to monitor me.

Since then regular MRIs have not shown any significant growth, though new deficits such as numb patches across my body and altered sensation/numbness in my right foot. The pain has got worse and I now take Tramadol. I find it very difficult not only physically, as I can no longer do the things I used to such as boxercise, but also mentally. I have been assured that I will have an operation but it is just a matter of when and then of course having to deal with how that will go. I feel if they feel they can't do it now without causing major damage then what will have changed when they do operate?