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Members of our community that are shielding

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5 months 3 weeks ago #1069 by louise@tycoch
Members of our community that are shielding was created by louise@tycoch
Hi all.
I hope everyone is keeping well and safe.
If like me you are to continuing to shield as best you can ,life can feel a bit oppressive and never ending .
Apart from the daily hourly exercise and having to occasionally venture out for food or the post office I’m beginning for feel like a conjoined twin with my husband .
So what help is out there and how best can we access the help needed?
There are numerous issues to tackle, whether it’s living within multi generational families within a limited space and having to negotiate younger members of the family that need to be careful and remain vigilant, to living on your own facing isolation and loneliness.
Please remember to contact your local authorities and find out what help is available. You can sign up to local accredited organisations that will walk your dog, shopping etc.
Pharmacies can also arrange deliveries to you.
Employ the help of neighbours or family members.
If you do have to venture out , avoid public transport and if you need a taxi service , ask them what protection they have in place ; plastic shields, gel and wipes.
Continue to wash your hands regularly with soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
Leave mail that isn’t urgent for 72 hours before opening if possible.
Wipe down groceries with a mild soap solution before storing or leave untouched for 72 hours for non perishable items .
Wipe your mobile and landline regularly.
As we continue to wait for all those who need to be vaccinated to get the vaccine , we as a neuro community must remain vigilant especially with new variants out there.

Take advantage of that hour of exercise and try if you live near enough to visit a green space or sit out in your garden ( weather permitting). Just15 minutes in a green space is good for our mental well being .

If you are new to the Spinal Cord Tumour Forum and just happened to find us by accident or through a link, please do reach out to us. We as a community need each other more than ever during this national crisis and we will try and support you in whatever practical way we can .
For those who have used the forum in the past, we would love to hear from you. How you are continuing to cope with your condition and remain positive during these challenging times.
I’m hoping to introduce topics we can cover on a regular basis that may affect people living with a neurological condition. If you have any ideas, please do let us know or just start a topic ! We would love you to share your ideas.

Stay safe everyone.

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