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Do you have a balance problem?

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2 months 3 weeks ago #1054 by carolelevine
Do you have a balance problem? was created by carolelevine
Hi Everyone. How are you? I'm sorry that the Spinal Cord Tumour Forum has been quiet for a while but I've had a few health issues. I'm back now and very much hope to hear from you. It would be great to get the message board moving again and I look forward to reading your messages once more.

I've had problems with my walking ever since my spinal cord tumour was removed and they have gradually become worse. In addition, six years ago I had several attacks of Meniere's Disease. In case you don't know, this is a balance disorder which causes extreme vertigo. It comes from the inner ear. Eventually the attacks stopped but the Meniere's returned a few months ago. It has left me with general problems with my balance and I've been told that this has been caused by the effects of the Meniere's and the damage from my spinal cord tumour. I'm being treated by physios and doing lots of exercises but so far my balance hasn't improved.

It's unusual to have both a spinal cord tumour and Meniere's Disease and I would very much like to hear if any of you have been affected in the same way and how you are dealing with this. Also, have you had balance problems just from the effects of a spinal cord tumour? If so, do you find that exercises help? It would be good to hear how you are coping with this.

I look forward to hearing from you about this and also anything else connected with suffering from the effects of a spinal cord tumour

Best wishes

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1 month 3 weeks ago #1055 by louise@tycoch
Replied by louise@tycoch on topic Do you have a balance problem?
Hi Carole,
I have always put my balance problems down to my medication. ( I take Pregabalin for neuropathic pain ). It’s such an awful drug which causes so many side effects that I have always put it down to that. When I first started taking it I was staggering all over the place . I would imagine anatomically, tumours of the cervical and thoracic regions were more likely to cause balance issues than those in the lumber and sacral area but it would be great to hear from anyone who has also presented with balance issues .

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