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I had started experiencing lower back pain and extreme pain in my right leg for around two years from 2008. I went to the GP and was told that I was getting old (in my mid forties!). I returned to my GP a few months later and was sent for an X-ray which revealed that I had no problems with my bones or joints.

My name is Jenny and I live in Dublin, Ireland and I'm 34 year of age. I was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumour in March 2008, epidermoid tumour T11- L2. An epidermoid tumour is normally a benign slow-growing tumour that can grow in the brain or spinal cord.

My problems started in Jan 2007, my right foot felt cold to me but was warm to the touch.

I went to see my g.p. who in turn sent me to see an orthopaedic consultant, he sent me for a m.r.i. scan after which I went to  see the consultant again and he told me the scan was clear, but by this time my leg was going numb.The consultant then refered me to a neuro consultant.

The story of my tumour began 4 years ago, around my 64th birthday, with lower back pain and then a numb leg.   A rheumatologist sent me for an MRI scan, which revealed my tumour, languishing around T12/L1.