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 Benign Meningioma at C2/C3

My story officially began on 6th December when I received a phone call from my GP telling me I had a tumour just below my brain and it was serious but he didn't know how serious.

In December 2013 I was diagnosed with having a “suspected” juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma” or “Ependymoma” located at my T4/T5, it fills the entire cord and space. Currently I am a watch and wait patient and very happy with my consultant.


In 1987 one Saturday morning the phone rang downstairs and I got out of bed and fell straight to the floor. Thinking that I just got out of bed too quickly, I got up and carried on to the top of the stairs where my leg just gave way again.

Benign tumour in the lower back (L3/L4) – pain-free again! It’s wonderful to think that I forget that this time last year I was in agony……..