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I had suffered with back pain on and off for years, so when it started again this year, I thought, 'Here we go again'. But, after a few days, I realised this was a different pain. I had tingling around my coccyx (tailbone) and pins and needles all the way down my legs into my heels.

I was a very fit and healthy 39 year old (I ran the London Marathon in April 2005) and woke up with numb feet gradually moving up my legs in August 2005. After GP referral and an MRI scan this was confirmed as an ependymoma – a rare benign tumour in the top of my spine/neck. 

I suffered from back pain for 8 years. To begin with the pain was in my lower back and would shoot down both legs, as if I had been electrically wired up to something and receiving electric shocks.

I was 40 in 2003 and had been suffering from a 'crunchy' painful neck and some loss of sensation in my finger tips on my left hand. I had been pushing to get some help via my doctors and eventually they sent me to an orthopaedic consultant, with the thought that maybe I had a trapped nerve from cervical spondylosis.