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I was first diagnosed in 2008 after having back pain since July 2007 following slipping on a wet floor. I had difficulty abducting my right leg but once my primary symptoms settled down I still had this awful back ache that didn't seem to respond to anything.

Schwannoma - Intradural Tumor L5 & T2

My story started approximately 3 years ago when I went to the doctor because I had pain in my right leg, initially
started around my hamstring but with time moved further down my leg. Following my examination I was told I
actually had sciatica and went for a number of physiotherapy sessions and was advised to exercise on a regular basis, apparently walking was ideal.

I was diagnosed with a Spinal Cord Lipoma in July 2014. A congenital condition as it turns out. Lipomas can appear anywhere in your body, under your skin, in your arm pit – guess I was extremely (un)fortunate to have one in my Spinal Cord!