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My GP referred me to a specialist and after many tests and MRI’s, I was diagnosed with a tumour in the spine about position T5. 

I was getting progressively worse until I could not walk at all and finally was sent to Frenchay Hospital at Bristol for surgery which took about 9 hrs to perform, when I awoke from the surgery , the surgeon asked if I could move my toes, which I did and was told that it was a good sign although he thought I would be paraplegic, when I asked what I had suffered from I was told it was a sausage like tumour wrapped around the spinal cord at T5 and was called Haemangiopericytoma. 

I could not stand or walk and had no control of my bodily functions and was confined to a wheel chair, however my mind would not accept this situation and with help from Physiotherapists I was determined to walk again, this took 2 years to achieve but I managed it and although I still have balance difficulties and am disabled in the right leg I can walk about now, my balance is affected to the extent that I have to have visual reference and find if I close my eyes I have to hold/touch something to enable me to stand upright.

I am left with severe pain in my right leg and foot with constant pain but realise this is better than being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I have been left with a number of other problems to my normal bodily functions that affect my normal life and have lost all sexual function and had to have surgery for removal of Gall Bladder and for Prostate. 

I am now almost 73yrs old and take life day by day with the constant pain, although now after 9 yrs I can almost disregard the pain except for odd times when I have to resort to medication.